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The Games Journalism Crash Course

Wish you could write about video games for living?

This comprehensive 30-page guide will teach you everything you need to know to get writing.

Jay Ricciardi is the Senior Editor at GameSkinny.com and a U of Rochester graduate with dual degrees in English and Film & Media Studies. He runs GameSkinny’s Journalist Training Program, a 9-week course that has taught thousands of aspiring writers the ins and outs of games journalism since 2013. Before Jay started at GameSkinny, the site pulled in 1 million views per month; now, it pulls over 4 million views every month.

Jay lives in Portland, Oregon, with his cat Weaver (named after Sigourney). When he’s not preaching the good word of semicolons, you can find Jay rock climbing, home brewing, and voicing strong opinions about Sharknadoes. 



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Toby Mortaro

"If you have a genuine interest in gaming journalism then these guys really know their stuff and provide fantastic learning material. This is a great experience and you'll discover much more than you imagined possible!"

Clint Pereia

"This is a good place to get your journalism legs. The editors at Gameskinny want their writers to be the best."

Auverin Morrow is an Associate Editor at GameSkinny.com and a VCU grad with a degree in English and minor in Creative Writing. Auverin writes and edits voraciously and has been an integral part of GameSkinny's success since late 2014. She has coached hundreds of GameSkinny writers with her approachable combination of humor and expertise.

Auverin hails from the Mountains of North Carolina, and when she's not gaming or writing she likes to hike, paint, and do yoga. In 2002, she picked up a box that said Morrowind because it had her last name and she’s been addicted to RPGs ever since.


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Chapter 1: Journalism 101


Chapter 2: Ethics and Best Practices




Chapter 3: Secondary Reporting

Chapter 4: Headlines, Angles, and Spin



Daniel Miller

"I've been reading video game news for over 10 years and seeing what it's like to be on the other side will give you a whole new perspective."

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